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policies and procedures

The Lavender Policy Center will research and market comprehensive policies and procedures that cater to the unique needs of the LGBTQIA+ community. There are many organizations that do LGBTQIA+ advocacy work at the state and federal levels, but the local government often has the greatest impact on the day-to-day lives of residents. Whether it be best practices in communicating with trans teens at recreation centers, the installation of gender-neutral signage within public facilities, the implementation of LGBTQ+ liaisons or developing systems to track LGBTQIA+ youth experiencing homelessness there is a gap that can only be filled by an organization that specializes in navigating municipalities and their needs.

need in our community

There is a lot of need in our community and a rightfully deserved reservation towards government. The Lavender Policy Center actively works to rebuild those relationships, so residents feel comfortable living their lives in their respective towns/cities.

Old Town Hall, Stamford, CT
Pride Crosswalk, Middletown, CT

benefit to our community

The benefit to our community is that we can impact long-term change for current and future generations of LGBTQIA+ residents who want to call Connecticut home. Our services will be contracted out to cities and towns on a per-project-basis. For example, if a city wants an LGBTQ+ liaison, we will develop the job description, put together necessary resolutions/ordinances, screen candidates, and provide recommendations. We would also support the position through the creation of resource sheets, a needs assessment, and statewide contacts. This model could also be replicated and modified for institutions such as police departments.

Yale University, New Haven, CT
Pride In The Hills, Waterbury, CT

State of Connecticut

There are 169 different municipalities in the state of Connecticut all of which interact with and work on behalf of diverse constituencies. The Lavender Policy Center has the expertise to conduct research and needs assessments, provide guidance and support in creating diversity positions, advocate and develop policies, and much more. We would also be a resource for elected leaders, party affiliates, private and nonprofit partners, and school boards to ensure equity in their programming and procedures.

Policy & Legislation

Case Studies

Our team works with city and state leaders to craft culturally competent procedures to meet the needs of the LGBTQIA+ community. Learn how we achieve this goal. 



The LGBTQIA+ community historically has not been properly supported by the government, which motivates our work. Learn why we have a reason to be apprehensive. 


Our Team

As New England’s only LGBTQIA+ think tank, we are committed to research and policies that safeguard our community. Learn who the people are behind the scenes.